SEO Trends in 2020

In today’s world SEO plays a vital role in the market. SEO is the process of improving the quality and increasing visibility of your website, High and new websites are being launched by online competition, it’s time to rethink your business marketing strategy and invest in SEO. Websites must meet specific requirements set by search engine algorithms like Google, Yahoo, Bing and this is where SEO strategy becomes very important.

It is not possible to survive without SEO. There is no place without SEO. Once you’re in need to develop and make your website highly visible without have any second thought start investing in SEO

Let’s enter into the trends of 2020

  • Voice search
  • Mobile First
  • High-Quality Content
  • User Experience and Performance
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • CTR and Dwell Time Will Become Important Ranking Factors
  • Secure Websites Are a Must
  • Content-Length Matters
  • Videos as a Source of Information
  • Snippets Dominate More Search Clicks
  • Use of Other Search Engines

Voice search:

Voice search is the amazing option that provides a convenient way for users to search. Voice search is one of the upward trends in the search world. Long before the voice search was introduced, the internet users searched for information typing on the keyboard.
Once a key word is fixed, it must contain all the related words with all its meaning so that whatever the user speaks in voice search they can get the information easily without any wastage of time Voice search is the helpful tool in SEO making the work easy by simply assisting the user and easily accessing the user voice. The voice search option is customized in a user-friendly way and helpful mechanism for SEO

Mobile first:

In the future as mobile websites are becoming a trend that will get even more familiar in 2020. Your website that does not support a mobile version may lose its visitors. Since more people have smart phones so more mobile phone towers are being built with better connectivity.
Today, the highly developed technologies of smart phones are grasping the attention of many users.
Therefore, by building your website to easily access from smart phones irrespective of the configuration, you can easily obtain improved user experience by increasing the speed limit on site and improving mobile SEO. Note that your website must have a mobile version if you want to reach a massive group of audience in 2020.

High quality content:

As we know that “content is the important element” marketers incorporate high-quality content into their marketing strategies. It will simply determine the value of the content and make the users read it with great interest Users comes up with their questions to the search engines at that place your web page should be in the top in providing relevant information content. Only that makes Google to rank your page at the top.
Overall once the content been high in quality it automatically makes the reader to read the content voluntarily with interest and by this, it simply increase your company brand image.

User Experience and Performance:

User Experience and Performance is an important factor in the trend of SEO 2020. Website must be user-friendly and not only this, the speed limit that is the loading time of your website is also considered by search engines for ranking it in SEO.
Even if you provide good content on your webpage, but if it does not have a user-friendly interface and consumes more time to load, there are high chances the people would turn off your page.

Artificial Intelligence:

The main motive of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is to offer more customized and unique experiences.
With Artificial Intelligence SEO services, you can earn more traffic that leads to your site. Experts predict that AI in 2020 will understand the needs of the sites and take them into consideration while ranking.

CTR and Dwell Time Will Become Great Ranking Factors:

Now a days, many people want to use the internet connection at a high speed. It has become a easy thing to fetch information with just one click in the search tab.
The search engines are expected to give high rankings for the time limit of the user and rating is based on number of time user visits the website
So, it is of no surprise click-through rate (CTR) metrics will go trending in SEO in the year 2020.

Secure Websites Are a Must:

Generally, safety is very important for everything. So we are mainly focusing on website security, but it has no relation to SEO and Website Security. Site security is important for SEO and important for User Convenience. If users don’t feel safe visiting a web page then they would feel website is not secure.

The most important SEO trend of 2020 includes security. To demonstrate, visitors will bounce out of your page if it is throwing a security alert message. Search engines like Google suggest to give users a secure user experience. So highly secured website get top ranks in 2020.

Content-Length Matters:

Focusing on the high quality content and also on the length of content does matter In order to attract the user and to retain them in your slide for the longer period of time
The length also depends on the type of content you are using, the content should be easy to understand and informative in nature.

How long the user takes up the time to read the content also makes the SEO to rank your website on the top.

Videos as a Source of Information:

Videos which are been posted in the search engine are very useful source of information which determines the quality and the content of the video and also the number of users visiting the video and the time they spend on watching the video.

Most of the users like to get information by watching video rather than reading the contents so in that way it is helpful in SEO

Snippets Dominate More Search Clicks:

You should take of this feature and drive plenty of clicks to your website. you could Mainly focus on the quality answer to generally asked questions on your website. Google featured Snippets are evaluated and boosted to the top depending on its website quality, which Google has a way of determining. Don’t take this easy, as 54.68% of clicks from Google originate from Featured Snippets.

Use of Other Search Engines:

Other search engines arealso available other than Google like Bing, DuckDuckGo, CC Search…
Gibiru, Internet Archive, Search Encrypt, yahoo, twitter, Once if you maintain your SEO strong then it will be easy for user interference and can always be ranked top.

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