How to Recovery from the Sudden Drop in SEO Ranking

It’s always exciting to analyze the Google search rankings for our website, especially for the people holding online business and you feel bad when there is sudden drop in organic search results. But remember, this can be recovered easily. There are multiple recovery strategies through which one can show progress in search rankings.

It is common to fall into guessing about what might have pushed the search rankings back. But just guessing will not workout. Here are some steps for troubleshooting procedures through which you can uplift the Google search rankings.

Actionable SEO Techniques

  • Checking the Web Page Ranking Status in Webmaster
  • Few Back Links May Gone Useless
  • Check for Google Penalty & Google Algorithm Changes
  • Is There Any Changes in Keyword Search Trends?

Checking the Web Page Ranking Status in Webmaster

Do you know why it is mandatory to analyze the website first before moving on with other verification steps? This is because the issue might start within the website too. Therefore log-in to the Webmaster tool and check the Google Search Console. The Index Status provides information about the website pages that are indexed in search rankings. Compare the present status with previous week to determine the differences in indexed status.

If you identify error in indexing of website pages then the reason for search ranking drop is clear. As recovery, check whether the website pages are deleted or removed accidentally without 301 redirection. check robots.txt file which sometimes force the search engine to de-index the page as an error.

Few Back Links May Gone Useless

For a website to perform well in search results, it requires thick back link profile. Moreover, the back links must be from high authority domain. Even if few back links are unavailable or permanently removed, it will create a greater impact on search ranking drop. Therefore, check the back link status via reliable back link checking tool to identify the lost links. When found, revamp the lost link status by building new links in that domain.

Check for Google Penalty & Google Algorithm Changes

When a website faces sudden search result drop, it might be because of Google penalty too. There are two sorts of Google penalty – manual action penalty & algorithm penalty. Therefore, check whether your website has fallen into one of these penalties.

To find out whether your website has fallen into first category of penalty – manual action – Log into Google webmaster tool. Check the notifications tab to see whether your web page got a warning message. If not, then it’s good. Secondly, to identify the algorithm penalty, check the Google algorithm change history. You can correlate the time period from when search ranking has been dropped with the latest algorithm update.

Is There Any Changes in Keyword Search Trends?

Search trends depends on geographic location & several other factors. When there is a change in search trends, the web owner must also keep an eye on current keywords used for business & content optimization. The overall link building strategies must be changed according to the current search style.

If a web authorizer or SEO analyst fail to go behind search fashion, then he may face unusual SEO ranking drop. Hence it is advisable to analyze the search trend and google latest algorithms once in a month & update it accordingly.

We Hope these ideas will guide you to recover from search ranking drop. Follow these tactics when you face this situation & hold your website visitors with ease.

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