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ShareSoft Technology is a complete web design & development agency. We create custom built for your brand.


Build your portal with our Drupal development services, a very powerful and secured CMS for your website.


Need an award-winning, easy-to-use CMS for your eCommerce portal? Our Joomla development services are here. 


We are a full-swing Magento development agency to build your eCommerce store and modules, getting you the most from Magento's amazing features.


Our WordPress development services, the best solution to develop your user-friendly website, blog and plugins.


CS-Cart is one of the leading shopping cart solutions for e-commerce websites of all sizes.


Develop a perfect, responsive e-commerce store with our Shopify development services. 


We undertake all kinds of custom PHP works - from fixing minor bugs to creating bespoke CMS modules.


We expertise in mobile technology and have a good record for our services in Android app development with the latest emerging app concepts. 


We offer iOS app design and development services that make your dream mobile app project into reality.


AngularJS is a SPA(Single Page Application), uses MVW(Model View whatever) architecture. Contact us for AngularJS development services. 


Let us help you to develop your Ionic framework app, a hybrid mobile app development framework. It is completely open source. It uses Angular JS. 


OpenCart, an open source robust shopping cart application for your Commerce store with lot of built-in features. Explore our OpenCart development services. 


PrestaShop, an open source, scalable eCommerce solution to create your online store, read more information about our Prestashop development services. 


Looking for developing your store in BigCommerce? We can help you.


ShareSoft Technology is a leading web design and development company focuses on helping you manage, design and build rich CMS websites and online applications for your business. We also provide technology consulting services. Our dedicated team delivers result-oriented solutions for all your business needs.

Our History

ShareSoft Technology was established in 2011 by executive management professionals from IT background. We believe business is "win-win" situation at both the ends and still more about building relationships and contacts. This sparkled the formation of ShareSoft for providing quality-oriented solutions. Our passionate team of e-commerce solution experts and technologists makes it all possible for the rapid growth of the company. Explore our services and products to get along with us.

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Why Clients Like Us

  • Result-Oriented & On-Time delivery.
  • The creative technologists hub for all your IT needs.
  • Transparency with our pricing and services.
  • Quality Service - We never compromise on it at any cost.
  • Reliability, an important factor for a professional web service agency and we are professionals.
  • 360 degree drive on design, development and marketing verticals which imprints business success.
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This WooCommerce & WordPress Q&A plugin helps your customers to ask questions, clarify doubts regarding the products that they are interested to buy/purchase. This might be very helpful for the customers to make better decisions & to feel safe about the product that they are going to purchase. Product QA plugin features: Allow your customers […]

Deko allow all retailers can offer Retail Finance System for his products with simply by adding the Deko Payment Gateway to you existing WooCommerce shop.

All online retailers can offer finance system for your products with simply by adding the Deko Payment Gateway to you existing magento shop.

WooCommerce Geolocation

WooCommerce Geolocation Plugins( Woogeo Maker with Dokan ) is based on the WooCommerce plugin for using directly in your eCommerce shop. We are Offering products to possible customers using our WooCommerce Geolocation improve your sales ratio. It helps you create rules for restricting products of a specific region of the entire Woocoomerce website or selected radius. You can control displaying products to the selected region. Mainly Used to Maximize your sales in a local business. Reduce or remove shipping taxes and Filter your target with GEOLOCATION , complete effective sales.

We are giving to continuously updating this WooCommerce plugin to clients. 100% of the customers like these plugins and refer to others. We are leading one of the most sales of that type of WooCommerce Geolocation Plugins at around the united kingdom. Our Customer Support Services are a very genuine and quick response to the requester because we have many well-experienced customer service representatives. So, from us, If you need any queries. we can solve immediately.

Simple process to use this plugin. You can install and activated this plugin. Then follow that user searches the products need them on the advanced search filter. Filter the particular region or surrounding the products so we can do that drag and drop widget or short code you can place in pages or widget to view. Filter the nearest products for two type of methods like km and miles depend upon your needs.

WooGeomarker offers your customer to view your product filter based on their location. Customers can exactly know the product location and they can filter their correct product based on their need and they can get products on hand very fast.



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Introductions: Are you looking for Shopify eCommerce Theme or Templates? Yeah, You are Approaching the next level of business promotion, nowadays every Digital Marketing business is growing easily. So it’s a must to have a website for the business. so…
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'COLOUR' - a very powerful indicator that can be related to peoples' emotions! In personal life, colours take a major role say – during spiritual celebrations, people prefer yellow, while white has connections with birth and death. Similarly, in business…
This blog post is for the Generation X and Millennials who needs to transform and market their business for Generation Z (Gen Z) in order to make your business stand for the future. Here are some of the ideas that…
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‘COMMUNICATION’ as we all know is a very important and powerful thing that can do wonders. Not only in business, but even in our day-to-day life, we need to communicate with others to live. In this blog post, I am…
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Let us first know what does competitive analysis refer to? Every business has got its own competition starting from local-made products to technology services. And, competitors are those who provide similar services and products in your same locality and even…
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Yes, by saying Startup it meant that all resources are mostly available in limits say - people, funds, investment, time etc., This is the scenario in most startups. And, I am going to share a few things in this article…
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This blog post is to inform our users that, Pay4Later company is recently renamed as DEKO (https://www.dekopay.com). ShareSoft Technology is working on the migration part of the module and will intimate our customers over email once we are done with…
The latest buzz word for online world is HTML6. Almost most of the people shared their views on it. Now, let we take our turn and spread some limelight on it. Be whatever technology, newer versions always keep rolling out with betterment.…
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Let’s explore a few things about the most important feature of CSS styles @media rule that is defined to specify the styles to different media types for different responsive screens, print layouts, other screen devices. Example: [html] <style="text/css"> @media print…
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Highlight Search Results in ng repeat using AngularJS: Let us see how to highlight the search results in ng repeat using Angular filter. Highlighting the search result improves user experience and minimizes the search time when compared showing the search…
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We always love to create documentation on things we newly discovered while working on technology modules. And, today ShareSoft Technology helps you to learn how to create - Drupal webform shortcode module through this documentation. Documentation Overview: This module’s purpose…
  • $.drupal
  • $.webform-shortcode-module
We always love to experiment different things which enhances technology, business and client needs.Let’s experiment how to get your website stats without logging into Google Analytics account every time. Here's how: Step 1: First create an empty folder name under…
  • $.php
  • $.php framework
Overview: This documentation is about discussing the process, we have carried out to create the admin grid for members list with simple form submission at Frontend and also describes the difficulties we came across when we processed this module. In…
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  • $.magento2
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Angular Js uses MVW(Model View whatever) Architecture. We can create a dynamic pages using Angular Js. We can extend the HTML functionality using Angular JS directive method. We can extend the HTML with four types Element - <my-dir></my-dir> Attribute -…
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  • $.custom directive
When i was new with magento i was get lot of problem with this wysiwyg text parse. i try to do that manually with php code. But after move inside the magento core function i found that method how simply…
  • $.Magento
  • $.print
  • $.text parse
  • $.wysiwyg
Clearfix is one type of hack method to force the container’s(which has floating element inside) height based on the floated element. This is also know as Easy Clearing Hack. You can use this below code to avoid that layout issue…
  • $.clearfix
  • $.css
Last week i was install this module one of my project. That has issue with Jquery in admin panel upload button. I was get java script error. So i check browser console part. There shows the error on Jquery attirbute…
  • $.Admin Upload Button
  • $.Polaroid Slider Lite
  • $.Wordpress
Hi friend, Today i am going to explain the step to upgrade your Magento website with to Latest version. Please follow this below steps to done this upgrade fast and easy. Step 1: You put your website in…
With the below code you can get all the Magento URL related methods like Base URL, Skin URL, Unsecure Skin URL, Media URL, Js URL, Store URL, Current URL, Store Page URL, Store Page URL without slash 1. Get Base…
  • $.Base Url
  • $.Current Url
  • $.JS Url
  • $.Magento
  • $.Media Url
  • $.Skin Url
  • $.Store Page Url
I was worked lot of project for this layout based columncount on Magento Product listed page. But all time i was used only the XML solution. But that won't work with multiple layout which is selected by admin on category…
I was worked for one of the project to fix in Jquery issue. It has problem after updated the Jquery script from 1.6 to 1.9. This Jquery upgrade on that website regarding to add new Sliders plugin for that website.…
  • $.browser fix
  • $.browser.msie. Alternative
  • $.detect IE6 Browser
I was worked for a client he has asked to change the magento invoice print PDF style. and also he has small problem when he print the invoice with his print. He trying to save his ink on his printer…
  • $.Magento
  • $.Pdf Print
  • $.Remove Dark bar
Magento has released their first version in 2008. Now, Magento eCommerce is the topper in the eCommerce industry worldwide. They have launched their new version with advanced features - Magento 2 with a new incarnation in its structure. Magento 2…
  • $.Magento
  • $.magento2