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Unlock the power of customer desires with our Woocommerce Wishlist WordPress Plugin.
Elevate the wishlist experience in WooCommerce. Turn wishes into purchases effortlessly

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Product Description

Elevate your e-commerce store with our WooCommerce Wishlist WordPress Plugin, designed to enhance
the shopping experience for your customers. With this feature-rich plugin, you can empower your
shoppers to create and manage Wishlist, making it easier for them to save and share their favorite
Our WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin seamlessly integrates with your online store, allowing customers to
add and remove items from their lists with ease. This feature not only improves user engagement but
also helps you understand your customers’ preferences.

With customizable options and user-friendly features, you can tailor the Wishlist experience to your
brand. Enable your customers to share their lists with friends and family, encouraging social engagement
and increasing the likelihood of future purchases.

Make shopping more enjoyable and interactive with the WooCommerce Wishlist WordPress Plugin,
turning casual browsers into loyal customers.


  • Wishlist Creation: Allow users to create and manage Wishlist directly on your e-commerce site.
  • Product Addition: Enable customers to add products to their Wishlist with a single click.
  • Privacy Settings: Choose between public and private Wishlist, giving users control over who can view
    their selections.
  • Sharing: Facilitate Wishlist sharing via social media or email to encourage gift-giving and social
  • Customization: Customize the appearance and layout of the Wishlist page to match your website’s

WooCommerce Wishlist WordPress Plugin, Wishlist in WooCommerce


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