An outlook on HTML 6

The latest buzz word for online world is HTML6. Almost most of the people shared their views on it. Now, let we take our turn and spread some limelight on it. Be whatever technology, newer versions always keep rolling out with betterment. Though HTML5 has offered us a lot of good features, especially supporting video formats, we can say HTML 6 might be spiced up with some toppings, maybe we can refer those as add-ons.  
Let’s see the expecting, exciting cool features of HTML6:
Direct Usage of Tags: (eliminating the <div id=’ ‘>)
Is it not quite simple to directly use the tags without using multiple div ids? Yes, most welcoming feature to minimize codings and directly write the tags. 
Let us take a simple example:
Express Tags:
Express tags helps to define your web page elements like logo, sidebar and navigation.
 <logo></logo> – adds a logo to your website
<navigation></navigation> – adds menu bar to your web page 
<sidebar></sidebar> – integrates sidebar in your web page
It is that simple that these tags are easily understood by a layman. 
Betterment on Pre-Processors:
Though pre-processors are available in the current version of HTML5, it is a general version of JavaScript and developers are facing a hard time as the code optimization is harder for the local machine. With HTML6, we expect to overcome this with the pluggable pre-processors that improves this process.   
Foresee Advancement in Annotations:
Another feature where developers expect an enhancement is “Annotations”. As currently it is limited only to the comments section, whereas the community foresee it to be added to various sections such as paragraphs, images and videos.  

Improvements on Images and Videos:
We can also anticipate some improvements on images with HTML6, optimal resolution size for images for the respective devices. Betterment on providing good user experience on videos with better callback hooks and sync mechanisms. 
Security will be another factor where HTML6 can pour some light in. Enhanced security level by using embedded keys and digital signatures instead of cookies.

Social Tags: 
A tag to mark your social identities like Facebook and Twitter using tag, whereas in HTML5, if we need to create social media icon, we have to use some div tags and span or i tags to display the icons. 

The HTML6 tags will have the namespace html like or . This will be applicable to each of the tag attributes. 
The list expands and yet more upcoming things might be on its way which saves a lot of time and reduces the weightage of code and helps the developer’s community.

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