Do you need to upgrade Magento 2 Without any trouble?

Magento 2 Data Migration and Upgrade

Magento is highly trustable e-commerce platform by worlds leading brands and also it is used by most of the small businesses and startup level companies. After few years of development Magento 2 were released for their customers. We upgrade your existing magento 1.x shop to magento 2 or built a new Magento 2 website from scratch with enhanced Scalability, Performance and security.


  • Inbuilt option of full page caching (proactive, materialization) in both Magento 2 Community and Magneto 2 Enterprise.
  • Streamlined Checkout Process in 2 steps
  • A clean, modern UI/UX (HTML5/CSS3) in built Jquery lib code base.
  • Magento performance toolkit for better performance / reduced table locking
  • Database is no longer a single point of failure
  • All of the other key features of Magento Enterprise that are built in, including
  • Reduced upgrade efforts and costs and more…
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Magento 2 data migration services, we can help you:

  • Move existing data into the new magento 2 database that includes products, orders & Transactions, customer details, catalog price rules.
  • Convert all existing widgets and the extensions to the new magento 2
  • Remove unwanted data’s like logo order quotes, recencly viewd or compared products in the Database
  • Import your existing theme and customization to Magento 2

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